Top Girls Bike 2024 Review

Cruising around the neighborhood, wind in their hair, and smiles on their faces – that’s the kind of freedom every child should experience. As parents, we want nothing but the best for our little ones, and that includes a bike that’s safe, stylish, and built for adventure. In this comprehensive girls bike review, we’ll explore some of the top options that blend practicality, safety, and fun. Whether it’s their first time on two wheels or they’re ready to upgrade, we’ve got you covered.

Now, let’s explore each of these fantastic options in detail.

1. Petimini Girls Bike with Basket


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Designed for Children: Petimini’s girls’ bike is perfect for kids learning to ride. It features short-reach brake levers, a lower stand-over height, and removable training wheels, ensuring a safe and fun experience. The adjustable seat and handlebar mean the bike will grow with your child.

Safe & Durable: The coaster brake makes learning to stop easy, and an enclosed chain guard prevents accidents. Constructed with durable hi-ten steel, this bike comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Lovely Components: Soft handlebar grips, reflectors, and a charming wicker basket make this bike both functional and stylish. Your kids can even pack their stuffed animals or snacks in the basket.

Easy to Install: The bike comes 85% assembled with basic assembly tools included, requiring only about 20 minutes to set up.

Size Matters: Petimini offers various sizes to suit different age groups, from 12″ for 1-4-year-olds to 20″ for 6-12-year-olds.

PETIMINI is all about style, quality, and reliability. Their bikes are designed for everyday life, and this one is no exception. With its vintage look and practical features, your child can ride in style and safety.

2. JOYSTAR Little Daisy Kids Bike

Joystar Little Daisy Kids

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Amazing Design and Color: JOYSTAR’s Little Daisy Princess Girls bike is a visual delight with bright colors and stylish design. DIY decals, a beautiful basket, and a doll bike seat add extra fun to the ride. It also features adjustable saddle and stem height for a comfortable fit.

Safer Riding: This bike offers ample stopping power with a front hand caliper brake and rear coaster/foot brake. Wide pneumatic tires ensure stability, and the sturdy steel frame and crank guarantee durability.

Easier to Ride: With JOYSTAR’s bottom bracket gearing and brake lever designed for little hands, your child will enjoy a smoother ride. Removable training wheels are included to aid in the learning process.

Easy Assembly: The bike comes 85% assembled and includes assembly tools and instructions. Adult assembly is required, but it’s a straightforward process.

More Size Options: JOYSTAR offers different sizes to accommodate kids from 2 to 7 years old.

JOYSTAR’s Little Daisy Kids Bike combines style and safety, making it an excellent choice for young riders. Its eye-catching design and practical features ensure a delightful biking experience.

3. JOYSTAR Angel Girls Bike

Joystar Angel

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Best Gift for 2-4 Years Old Girls: The JOYSTAR Angel 12 Inch Girls bike is designed with bright and stylish colors, making it perfect for toddlers aged 2-4. Adjustable saddle and stem height ensure a comfortable ride.

Bike Designed for Kids: Sturdy Hi-Ten steel frame and fork can withstand the bumps of learning balance. Resilient wheels with rubber off-road tires provide exceptional grip and stability in various weather conditions.

Safe for Younger Riders: The coaster brake ensures phenomenal stopping power, making it a great option for young riders. An enclosed chain guard and removable training wheels offer added safety.

Your Children Will Love It: With a singlespeed drivetrain and smaller grip design, your child can easily learn to pedal. The bike also comes with a beautiful basket and DIY Decal stickers for added fun.

Always on Your Side: Safety is a priority with JOYSTAR, and they offer a limited lifetime warranty on the frame. The bike is 85% assembled and comes with assembly tools and instructions.

The JOYSTAR Angel Girls Bike is tailored for young riders, combining safety, comfort, and style. It’s an ideal choice for kids aged 2-4 who are ready for their first biking adventures.

4. Schwinn Koen & Elm Toddler and Kids Bike

Schwinn Koen Toddler Kids

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Ideal for Young Riders: The Schwinn Koen & Elm bikes feature 14-inch wheels, perfect for riders 36-40 inches tall. The tool-free adjustable saddle allows the bike to grow with your child.

SmartStart Design: Engineered specifically for kids’ proportions, these bikes have smaller grips and a lightweight frame for an easier and more controlled ride.

Easy Transition: The bike comes with both a rear coaster foot brake and a front caliper brake, helping young riders transition to hand brakes. It arrives partially assembled and includes the necessary tools.

Schwinn is a trusted name in the world of bicycles, known for quality and durability. The Koen & Elm Toddler and Kids Bike is no exception, offering a smooth and safe riding experience for young children.

5. Royalbaby Freestyle Kids Bike

Royalbaby Freestyle 7

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Sporty Design: RoyalBaby’s Freestyle 7 boasts a gorgeous metallic paint and sporty color contrast. The bike includes a jet engine water bottle for added joy.

Specifically For Kids: Designed with kids in mind, it has extra-wide tires and pedals for easy balance and riding. The adjustable stem and saddle ensure the bike grows with your child.

Better Way to Learn: Unlike bikes with coaster brakes, RoyalBaby bikes feature two-hand brakes for superior control. The bike comes 95% pre-assembled for easy setup.

Always Reliable: RoyalBaby bikes comply with the highest CPSC standards and offer a lifetime warranty on the frame.

RoyalBaby’s Freestyle Kids Bike combines style and functionality. With its sporty design and child-specific features, it’s a reliable companion for your child’s biking journey.

6. Glerc Maggie Kids Girls Pink Bike with Basket

Glerc Maggie

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Designed for Children: Glerc’s girls’ bike features short-reach brake levers, a lower stand-over height, and removable training wheels, ensuring a safe and fun experience. The adjustable seat and handlebar mean the bike will grow with your child.

Safe & Durable: The coaster brake makes learning to stop easy, and an enclosed chain guard prevents accidents. Constructed with durable materials, this bike is built to last.

Charming Components: Soft handlebar grips, a basket, and DIY decals make this bike stand out. Your kids can carry their toys or belongings in the basket.

Easy Assembly: The bike comes 85% assembled with basic assembly tools included. It’s a breeze to put together and start riding.

Glerc focuses on creating bikes that combine safety and aesthetics. The Maggie Kids Girls Bike is a testament to their commitment, providing a reliable and stylish biking option for young girls.

7. RoyalBaby Stargirl Kids Bike

Royalbaby stargirl

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Eye-Catching Design: The RoyalBaby Stargirl Kids Bike is a visual delight with its unique blue and pink colors. The bike comes with a front basket, DIY decals, and a bell.

Child-Centric Features: The bike is equipped with non-slip resin pedals, a fully enclosed chain guard, and two brakes for better control. The quick-release seat post makes height adjustments easy.

Durable Build: The sturdy steel frame and 2.4-inch wide pneumatic tires ensure stability and durability. The bike arrives 95% assembled for convenient setup.

Trusted Safety: RoyalBaby bikes are compliant with CPSC requirements and come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork.

The RoyalBaby Stargirl Kids Bike is designed to captivate young riders with its unique design while providing the safety and reliability parents seek in a children’s bike.

8. Schwinn Jasmine Kids Bike

Schwinn Jasmine

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Vibrant Colors: The Schwinn Jasmine Kids Bike stands out with its vibrant teal and pink colors. The handlebar streamers and saddle handle add a touch of flair.

Easy Learning: The bike features both a rear coaster brake and a front caliper brake for smooth transitioning to hand brakes. The tool-free adjustable saddle height ensures a comfortable fit.

Sturdy and Reliable: Schwinn’s reputation for durability is upheld with the Jasmine Kids Bike. It’s built to withstand kids’ adventures and comes partially assembled for easy setup.

Schwinn’s Jasmine Kids Bike combines the brand’s legacy of quality with a visually appealing design. It’s a reliable choice for young riders who want a stylish and safe biking experience.

9. Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike

Titan Girls Flower

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Floral Charm: The Titan Flower Princess BMX Bike features a unique floral design on the saddle, frame, and handlebar pad. It comes with a front basket and rear doll seat.

Built to Last: The bike’s heavy-duty frame and components ensure longevity and stability. The coaster brake system provides reliable stopping power.

A Bike for Fun: This bike is designed for joy rides. It’s not only stylish but also practical with a single-speed gear and adjustable saddle height.

The Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike is perfect for girls who want a blend of style and playfulness in their biking adventures. Its distinctive floral theme sets it apart.

10. Bixike Girls Bike with Basket


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Classic Elegance: The Bixike Girls Bike features a classic design with a white basket, saddle, and handlebar grips. The pink frame adds a touch of elegance.

Practicality and Style: The bike’s single-speed gear, comfortable saddle, and responsive brakes make it an excellent choice for casual riding. The enclosed chain guard enhances safety.

Easy Assembly: The bike comes 85% assembled, complete with assembly tools and instructions. You’ll have it ready for the road in no time.

The Bixike Girls Bike combines classic aesthetics with functional features. It’s an ideal option for girls who appreciate timeless elegance.


In conclusion, choosing the perfect girls bike involves considering safety, design, and comfort. The bikes reviewed above offer a range of features to suit different preferences and stages of learning. Whether it’s their first bike or an upgrade, each option promises a memorable and enjoyable ride for your little princess. So, gear up for family adventures, outdoor fun, and the joy of watching your child pedal towards independence. Happy riding!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age group are these bikes suitable for?

The bikes reviewed in the article are designed for various age groups, ranging from toddlers to pre-teens. There are options for kids as young as 1-4 years old up to around 12 years old.

2. Are these bikes easy to assemble?

Yes, most of these bikes come partially assembled, usually around 85% assembled. Basic assembly tools and instructions are included, making the setup process straightforward. Adult assembly is required.

3. Do these bikes come with training wheels?

Yes, many of the bikes featured in the article come with removable training wheels. These training wheels provide added stability for young riders who are learning to balance and ride.

4. Are the bikes safe for kids?

Absolutely. Safety is a top priority for all the reviewed bikes. They feature components such as coaster brakes, hand brakes, enclosed chain guards, and non-slip pedals to ensure a safe riding experience for children.

5. Can the saddle and handlebars be adjusted as my child grows?

Yes, most of these bikes have adjustable saddle and handlebar heights. This feature allows the bike to accommodate the growing height of your child, ensuring a comfortable fit and extending the bike’s usability over time.

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