Top Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids 2024 Review

Dirt biking is a thrilling adventure that appeals to both kids and adults alike. As a parent or guardian, choosing the right dirt bike for your child can be a challenging task, considering factors such as safety, size, and performance. This article intends to provide you with insights into some of the top dirt bikes for kids that are available in the market. Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced rider, these dirt bikes offer a mix of excitement, safety, and performance. Let’s dive into the details!

Introduction to Dirt Bikes for Kids

Dirt biking is more than just a hobby; it’s an exhilarating experience that introduces kids to the world of outdoor adventure and adrenaline. As responsible guardians, it’s essential to provide them with the right tools for a safe and enjoyable ride. Dirt bikes for kids come in various sizes, power levels, and features, catering to different age groups and skill levels. In this comprehensive review, I’ll walk you through some of the top electric dirt bikes for kids, highlighting their features, benefits, and considerations.

1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX350 bike

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When it comes to electric dirt bikes for kids, the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket stands out as a popular choice. Designed with a miniature electric motocross bike in mind, this bike offers a scaled-down dirt bike experience suitable for riders up to 150 lbs. Equipped with large 10″ pneumatic knobby tires, the MX350 delivers maximum power transfer even on rough terrains. The single-speed, chain-driven motor operates quietly yet powerfully, reaching speeds of up to 12 mph.

Key Features:

  • Single-speed, chain-driven motor for quiet operation
  • High-torque motor for enhanced performance
  • Large 10″ knobby tires for optimal power transfer
  • Adjustable riser handlebars for a comfortable riding position
  • Hand-operated rear brake for efficient stopping
  • Battery charge time: 12 hours, offering up to 30 minutes of continuous use

The Razor MX350 is an excellent entry-level option for kids who are new to dirt biking. Its quiet motor and user-friendly controls make it suitable for young riders who are building their confidence and skills.

2. Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric-Powered Dirt Bike

Razor MX650

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If you’re looking for a step up in performance, the Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket is worth considering. Inspired by motocross legend Jeremy McGrath, this electric-powered dirt bike boasts authentic graphics and design. With a variable speed motor, it can reach speeds of up to 15 mph, providing an exciting and super-charged experience for riders aged 14 and up. The bike features dual suspension, knobby tires, and hand-operated dual disc brakes for enhanced control.

Key Features:

  • Variable speed motor for speeds up to 17 mph
  • Dual suspension and riser handlebars for added comfort
  • Hand-operated dual disc brakes for precise stopping
  • Recommended for riders up to 175 pounds
  • 36V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system
  • Run time of up to 40 minutes on a single charge

The Razor MX650 is perfect for older kids who crave a more powerful and thrilling ride. Its authentic motocross design and features make it a popular choice among young enthusiasts.

3. Hover-1 H1 TRAK Electric Dirt Bike for Kids


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The Hover-1 H1 TRAK Electric Dirt Bike offers a unique and modern take on kids’ electric dirt bikes. With a distinctive alloy steel frame and dual suspension, this bike is designed for durability and a smooth ride. The chainless, rear-wheel 250W motor provides silent and efficient power, allowing riders to reach speeds of up to 9 mph. The Lithium Ion battery offers quick charging times and a travel range of up to 9 miles.

Key Features:

  • Chainless, rear-wheel 250W motor for quiet operation
  • Dual suspension and alloy steel frame for durability
  • Max speed of up to 9 mph and max distance of 9 miles
  • Lightweight and modern design with alloy steel frame
  • Suitable for riders up to 120 pounds
  • Efficient charging with a Lithium Ion battery

The Hover-1 H1 TRAK is an ideal choice for riders who value modern design and a smooth, quiet ride. Its unique features make it stand out among traditional dirt bikes.

4. MotoTec 36v Pro Electric Dirt Bike

MotoTec 36v

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The MotoTec 36v Pro Electric Dirt Bike is designed for kids who are serious about their dirt biking adventures. With front and rear suspension, front and rear brakes, and adjustable settings for throttle response, motor output power, and speed, this bike offers customization and control. The 36V 1000W motor provides substantial power, enabling riders to reach speeds between 5 and 18 mph.

Key Features:

  • 36V 1000W motor for powerful performance
  • Front and rear suspension for a smooth ride
  • Adjustable settings for throttle response, motor output power, and speed
  • Top speed adjustable between 5 and 18 mph
  • Suitable for riders up to 150 pounds
  • Steel frame, aluminum rims, and hydraulic shocks for durability

The MotoTec 36v Pro is a versatile option for riders who want to fine-tune their dirt biking experience. Its powerful motor and adjustable settings cater to various skill levels.

5. TORROT MX1 Electric Kids Dirt Bike

Torrot MX-1

The TORROT MX1 Electric Kids Dirt Bike offers a blend of technology and performance, making it an excellent choice for young riders. With an 840W motor and a gas shock absorber with pre-load adjustment, this bike provides a smooth and controlled ride. The Bluetooth Power Management App allows for parental controls and safety settings, ensuring a safe riding experience for kids aged 4-7.

Key Features:

  • 840W motor for efficient performance
  • Gas shock absorber with pre-load adjustment for comfort
  • Bluetooth Power Management App for parental controls
  • Suitable for kids aged 4-7
  • 48V battery with long-lasting power
  • Safety features including low/full switch and safety cut-off tether

The TORROT MX1 is a technologically advanced dirt bike that prioritizes safety and control. Its features make it an appealing choice for parents who want to monitor and regulate their child’s riding experience.

6. MX125 Dirt Rocket Electric-Powered Dirt Bike

Razor MX125

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The MX125 Dirt Rocket from Razor is designed to introduce young riders to the world of dirt biking. Scaled down for kids aged 7 and up, this electric-powered dirt bike features motocross dirt bike geometry and twist-grip throttle. The rear-wheel drive offers better balance control and traction for a safe and stable ride. With speeds of up to 8 mph and a runtime of 40 minutes, this bike offers an exciting introduction to off-road riding.

Key Features:

  • Scaled-down design for kids aged 7 and up
  • Rear-wheel drive for better balance control and stability
  • Twist-grip throttle for intuitive control
  • Spoked wheels with 12” pneumatic, knobby tires for traction
  • Hand-operated rear brake for stopping power
  • Crossbar reinforced handlebar and retractable kickstand for convenience

The MX125 Dirt Rocket is an excellent choice for young beginners who are eager to experience the thrill of dirt biking. Its scaled-down size and user-friendly features make it a great starting point.

7. Hiboy DK1 36V Electric Dirt Bike

Hiboy DK1

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The Hiboy DK1 36V Electric Dirt Bike is engineered for shockproof performance and durability. Equipped with a high-strength shock-absorbing spring and hydraulic shock fork, this bike ensures a smooth and noise-free ride. The bike’s battery provides up to 90 minutes of continuous use, with safe speed modes ranging from 5.0 mph to 15.5 mph. The DK1 is suitable for kids aged 3-10 and offers a solid off-road ride.

Key Features:

  • High-strength shock-absorbing spring and hydraulic shock fork for smooth performance
  • Long-range battery for up to 90 minutes of continuous use
  • Safe speed modes for different riding experiences
  • Durable design suitable for kids aged 3-10
  • 300W powerful motor for speeds of up to 15.5 mph
  • Rear shock absorber for added comfort

The Hiboy DK1 36V is a versatile and durable dirt bike suitable for a wide age range. Its shockproof performance and battery life make it an excellent choice for extended outdoor adventures.

8. Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket 24V Electric Kids Dirt Bike

Razor MX400

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The Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket is designed to provide an off-road experience like no other for kids and teens aged 13 and older. With its high-torque, robust 350W electric motor and large 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires, this bike ensures maximum power and excitement. The adjustable riser handlebars, hand-operated rear brake, and retractable kickstand offer convenience and control for riders. With speeds of up to 14 mph and a runtime of 30 minutes, this bike is built for fun.

Key Features:

  • High-torque 350W electric motor for powerful performance
  • Large 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires for traction and power transfer
  • Adjustable riser handlebars for a comfortable riding position
  • Hand-operated rear brake for efficient stopping
  • Battery charge time of 12 hours, providing up to 30 minutes of continuous use
  • Suitable for riders up to 140 pounds

The Razor MX400 is an exciting option for older kids and teens who want to experience the thrill of off-road riding. Its powerful motor and durable design make it a standout choice.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kids’ Dirt Bike

Choosing the right dirt bike for your child involves considering several factors to ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Age and Experience: Consider your child’s age and experience level. Some dirt bikes are designed for beginners, while others are more suitable for experienced riders.
  • Size and Weight: Choose a bike that is appropriately sized for your child. Ensure that they can touch the ground with their feet when seated and comfortably reach the handlebars and controls.
  • Motor Power: The motor power determines the bike’s speed and performance. Choose a power level that matches your child’s skill level and comfort.
  • Safety Features: Look for safety features such as adjustable speed settings, hand-operated brakes, and sturdy construction. These features contribute to a safer riding experience.
  • Battery Life: Electric dirt bikes rely on batteries for power. Consider the battery’s runtime and charging time to ensure your child has enough riding time.
  • Terrain: Think about the type of terrain your child will be riding on. Some bikes are designed for smooth surfaces, while others can handle rough and off-road conditions.

Safety Measures for Kids’ Dirt Biking

Safety should be a top priority when your child is riding a dirt bike. Here are some safety measures to implement:

  • Protective Gear: Ensure your child wears appropriate protective gear, including a helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads, and sturdy footwear.
  • Supervision: Always supervise your child while they are riding, especially if they are beginners. Provide guidance and assistance as needed.
  • Safety Training: Enroll your child in a dirt biking safety course to learn proper riding techniques and safety guidelines.
  • Age-Appropriate Bikes: Choose a bike that is suitable for your child’s age and skill level. Avoid letting them ride a bike that is too powerful or advanced for their abilities.
  • Riding Area: Select a safe and controlled riding area, such as an empty parking lot or a designated dirt biking track.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Proper maintenance and care will ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your child’s dirt bike:

  • Regular Inspections: Perform regular inspections to check for any signs of wear and tear. Look for loose bolts, worn tires, and any potential issues.
  • Cleaning: Clean the bike after each ride to remove dirt, mud, and debris. Use a soft cloth and mild detergent to clean the surfaces.
  • Battery Care: If the bike is electric, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for charging and maintaining the battery. Avoid overcharging or exposing the battery to extreme temperatures.
  • Tire Maintenance: Check the tire pressure regularly and inflate them as needed. Proper tire pressure ensures a smoother ride and better traction.
  • Storage: Store the dirt bike in a dry and cool place to prevent rust and corrosion. If storing for an extended period, consider removing the battery and storing it separately.


Investing in a kids’ dirt bike opens up a world of adventure and excitement for your child. Whether they’re just starting out or looking for a more advanced experience, there are various options available to cater to their needs. Consider their age, experience level, and safety measures when making your choice. With the right dirt bike and proper safety precautions, your child can embark on thrilling outdoor adventures while learning valuable skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I choose the right size dirt bike for my child?

Choose a dirt bike that allows your child to touch the ground with their feet when seated. Ensure they can comfortably reach the handlebars and controls.

2. What protective gear should my child wear while riding a dirt bike?

Your child should wear a helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads, and sturdy closed-toe shoes while riding.

3. Are electric dirt bikes suitable for beginners?

Yes, electric dirt bikes can be suitable for beginners. They often have adjustable speed settings, making them easier to control for new riders.

4. How can I ensure my child’s safety while dirt biking?

Supervise your child, provide proper safety gear, enroll them in a safety course, and choose an appropriate bike for their skill level.

5. What is the maintenance routine for a kids’ dirt bike?

Perform regular inspections, clean the bike after each ride, maintain proper tire pressure, and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for battery care.

Remember, dirt bikes for kids are not just a vehicle—it’s a tool for adventure, skill development, and bonding experiences. Choose wisely and ensure your child’s safety and enjoyment every time they hit the dirt trail.

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