The 10 Top Bike Helmets for Kids

In this article, I will guide you through the world of bike helmets for kids, suggesting the best-selling brands and offering valuable suggestions for ensuring your child’s safety while biking.


Biking is a beloved childhood pastime, but it comes with its share of risks. Accidents can happen, and that’s why investing in a high-quality bike helmet for your child is non-negotiable. In this guide, I’ll delve into the reasons why bike helmets for kids are crucial, discuss the key features to look for when shopping, and present the top brands known for their safety and durability.

Why Bike Helmets for Kids are Crucial

Protecting Precious Heads

Our kids’ safety is paramount, and one of the most effective ways to protect them while biking is by ensuring they wear a helmet. Head injuries are the most common and severe type of injury in bicycle accidents involving children. Wearing a helmet significantly reduces the risk of head trauma, potentially saving lives.

Alarming Statistics

The statistics surrounding bicycle accidents among children are sobering. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 1,000 children die annually in bicycle-related accidents, and many more suffer from non-fatal injuries. However, studies show that helmets can reduce the risk of head injury by up to 85%.

Features to Look for in Kid’s Bike Helmets

When shopping for a bike helmet for your child, it’s crucial to consider specific features to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

Safety Certifications

Look for helmets that meet safety standards like CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) certification. These helmets undergo rigorous testing to ensure they provide the necessary protection.

Proper Fit

An ill-fitting helmet can be ineffective. Choose a helmet that can be adjusted to fit snugly on your child’s head without being too tight. Ensure it covers the forehead and sits level.

Top Brands for Kids Bike Helmets

Now, let’s dive into the top brands renowned for their commitment to child bike safety.

1. Bell Sidetrack Youth Bike Helmet

Bell Sidetrack

The Bell Sidetrack Youth Bike Helmet is an excellent choice for young riders. It boasts an ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable fit and superior protection. Its extended rear coverage provides added safety, and the multiple vibrant color options make it appealing to kids.

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  • CPSC-certified for safety.
  • Ergonomic design for comfort.
  • Extended rear coverage.
  • Visor for sun protection.


  • Sizing can be tricky, so make sure to measure your child’s head accurately.

This helmet stands out for its combination of safety and style, making it a favorite among kids and parents alike.

2. Giro Scamp Youth Bike Helmet

Giro Scamp

The Giro Scamp Youth Bike Helmet is another top-notch choice. It features an in-mold construction for durability and impact protection. Its Roc Loc Jr. fit system ensures a secure and comfortable fit, while the pinch-guard buckle adds an extra layer of safety.

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  • In-mold construction for strength.
  • Roc Loc Jr. fit system.
  • Pinch-guard buckle.
  • Fun and stylish designs.


  • May run slightly smaller, so consider sizing up.

Giro is known for its quality, and the Scamp lives up to that reputation by offering both safety and style for young riders.

3. Nutcase Little Nutty Bike Helmet

Nutcase Little Nutty

If you’re looking for a helmet that combines safety with unique style, the Nutcase Little Nutty Bike Helmet is a fantastic choice. This helmet stands out with its distinctive designs and a magnetic buckle for easy fastening. It’s CPSC-certified and offers a comfortable, secure fit.

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  • Eye-catching designs.
  • Magnetic buckle for ease of use.
  • CPSC-certified.
  • Dial-fit system for adjustability.


  • Some may find it slightly heavier than other options.

Nutcase helmets appeal to kids’ sense of individuality while providing the necessary protection on their biking adventures.

4. Schwinn Thrasher Youth Bike Helmet

Schwinn Trasher kids helmet

The Schwinn Thrasher Youth Bike Helmet is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on safety. It features a durable construction with 21 air vents to keep your child cool during rides. The adjustable dial fit system ensures a secure and comfortable fit for different head sizes.

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  • Affordable and accessible.
  • 21 air vents for ventilation.
  • Dial fit system for adjustability.
  • Available in various colors.


  • May lack some premium features compared to higher-priced helmets.

The Schwinn Thrasher offers excellent value for money, making it a practical choice for budget-conscious parents without sacrificing safety.

5. Joovy Noodle Kids’ Bike Helmet

Joovy Noodle bike helmet


The Joovy Noodle Kids’ Bike Helmet is known for its simplicity and reliability. It features a no-pinch magnetic buckle for easy fastening and a durable extended visor for added protection from the sun. The helmet’s sleek design and bright colors appeal to both kids and parents.

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  • No-pinch magnetic buckle for ease of use.
  • Extended visor for sun protection.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Available in multiple sizes.


  • May not offer as many advanced features as some other helmets.

Joovy Noodle is a popular choice for parents looking for a straightforward and dependable helmet for their children.

6. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Razor V-17

The Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet is a versatile option suitable for various activities, including biking, skating, and scooter riding. It features ample padding for comfort and safety, along with 17 top and side vents for optimal ventilation.

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  • Versatile for multiple sports.
  • Ample padding for comfort.
  • 17 vents for ventilation.
  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit.


  • May run slightly larger, so proper sizing is essential.

Razor V-17 is an excellent choice for active kids who engage in various outdoor activities, providing them with the necessary head protection.

7. Kali Protectives Chakra Child Helmet

Kali Protectives Chakra

The Kali Protectives Chakra Child Helmet is engineered with advanced safety features to provide maximum protection for young riders. It includes Composite Fusion technology, which combines the shell and foam for improved impact absorption. With a comfortable fit and vibrant designs, it’s a top pick for parents who prioritize safety.

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  • Composite Fusion technology for enhanced safety.
  • Comfortable fit for extended wear.
  • Eye-catching designs.
  • Lightweight construction.


  • May be on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Kali Protectives Chakra Child Helmet is an investment in your child’s safety, offering state-of-the-art protection for their biking adventures.

8. Lazer Lil Gekko Toddler Helmet

Lazer Lil Gekko bike helmets for kids

Designed specifically for toddlers, the Lazer Lil Gekko Toddler Helmet offers a lightweight and secure option for the littlest riders. It features a unique flat back for added comfort in child seats or trailers. The easy-to-adjust straps and multiple color choices make it a favorite among parents of young children.

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  • Toddler-friendly design.
  • Flat back for child seats or trailers.
  • Easy-to-adjust straps.
  • Range of attractive colors.


  • Designed for very young riders, so it may not fit older children.

Lazer Lil Gekko Helmet is the perfect choice to introduce your toddler to the world of biking safety in style and comfort.

9. Smith Optics Axle Youth Bike Helmet

Smith Optics Axle bike helmets for kids

Smith Optics Axle Youth Bike Helmet stands out for its cutting-edge technology and attention to detail. It features Koroyd construction, which provides superior impact protection while maintaining breathability. The VaporFit system ensures a customized fit, and the helmet’s sleek design adds to its appeal.

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  • Koroyd construction for advanced impact protection.
  • VaporFit system for a customized fit.
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Sleek and stylish design.


  • Premium features may come with a higher price tag.

Smith Optics Axle Youth Bike Helmet is the choice for parents seeking top-notch safety technology and a helmet that combines style and performance.

10. POCito Omne Spin Kids’ Helmet

POCito Omne Spin bike helmets for kids

The POCito Omne Spin Kids’ Helmet is committed to safety with its innovative SPIN technology, which reduces the risk of head injuries from rotational forces. It offers excellent ventilation and a comfortable fit. The reflective elements enhance visibility for added safety during low-light conditions.

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  • SPIN technology for rotational impact protection.
  • Superior ventilation.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Reflective elements for visibility.


  • Slightly higher price point for its safety features.

POCito Omne Spin Kids’ Helmet is a choice that prioritizes safety without sacrificing comfort and style, making it a favorite among safety-conscious parents.

Tips for Proper Helmet Fitting

Ensuring your child’s helmet fits correctly is paramount. Here are some tips for achieving a snug and secure fit:

  1. Measure your child’s head circumference and choose the appropriate helmet size.
  2. The helmet should sit level on the head, covering the forehead.
  3. Adjust the chin strap so that it’s snug but not uncomfortable, with no more than one or two fingers’ space under it.
  4. Check for stability by shaking the helmet gently. It should not move around.

How to Encourage Kids to Wear Helmets

Getting your child to willingly wear a helmet can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some strategies to make it a habit:

  • Be a role model by wearing your helmet when biking together.
  • Choose a helmet in their favorite color or with fun designs.
  • Explain the importance of helmet safety and the consequences of not wearing one.
  • Praise and reward your child for wearing their helmet consistently.


In conclusion, choosing the best bike helmet for your child is a vital step in ensuring their safety while enjoying their biking adventures. Brands like Bell, Giro, and Nutcase offer excellent options that combine safety, comfort, and style. Remember to prioritize safety certifications and proper fit, and encourage your child to embrace the habit of wearing a helmet every time they ride. By doing so, you’re providing them with the best protection possible while allowing them to have fun on two wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are all bike helmets for kids safe?

Not all helmets are created equal. Look for helmets that meet safety standards like CPSC certification.

2. Can my child use an adult-sized helmet?

It’s essential to choose a helmet that fits your child’s head properly. Adult-sized helmets may not provide the right protection for children.

3. How often should I replace my child’s helmet?

Helmets should be replaced if they have been involved in an accident or if they show signs of wear and tear.

4. Are expensive helmets safer than budget options?

Price doesn’t always correlate with safety. Look for certified helmets that fit your child well.

5. What age range do youth helmets typically cover?

Bike helmets for kids are designed for children aged 5 to 14, but always check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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