Parents’ Guide to Bike Attachment for Kids

Bike attachment for kids are the perfect way to introduce your little ones to the world of cycling while ensuring their safety and comfort. In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know about bike attachment for kids. From child bike seats to trailers and tag-along bikes, I’ll provide examples of popular brands and offer valuable suggestions to help you make the right choice.

Child Bike Seats

Bike seat for kids

When it comes to introducing your child to biking at a young age, child bike seats are a fantastic option. There are two main types: front-mounted seats that attach to the top tube or handlebars and rear-mounted seats that attach to the seat post or rack. Front-mounted seats offer a more interactive experience, allowing your child to see where you’re going, while rear-mounted seats provide additional protection.

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Front-Mounted Seats

Front-mounted seats like the Thule RideAlong offer a front-row view for your child. They typically have a safety harness and footrests for added comfort. A great bonding experience, but make sure your bike is compatible with them.

Rear-Mounted Seats

Rear-mounted seats such as the Hamax Caress are a bit more common. They provide a secure and stable ride for your child and often come with extra features like adjustable recline and reflectors for safety.

Recommended Brands: Thule, Hamax, iBert

Child Bike Trailers

bike trailer for kids

If you have two or more kids or want extra cargo space, consider child bike trailers. These are like small carriages that attach to your bike’s rear. Look for features like a rain cover, sunshade, and storage compartments when choosing one.

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Features to Consider

  • Suspension for a smoother ride
  • Five-point harnesses for safety
  • Foldability for easy storage

Top Trailer Brands: Burley, Schwinn, InStep

Tag-Along Bikes

tandem bike

Tag-along bikes, also known as trailer bikes or tandem bikes, allow your child to ride their own small bike attached to the back of yours. This gives them the feeling of independence while staying connected to you.

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Advantages of Tag-Along Bikes

  • Encourages pedaling and balance
  • Suitable for older kids
  • Teaches them bike handling skills

Notable Tag-Along Bike Brands: WeeRide, Burley, FollowMe

Balance Bikes

Velo Balance Bike

Balance bikes are ideal for toddlers who are not yet ready for pedals. These small bikes without pedals help kids learn balance and steering, laying a solid foundation for future biking adventures.

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Benefits of Balance Bikes

  • Promotes confidence and coordination
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Smooth transition to a pedal bike

Quality Balance Bike Brands: Strider, Schwinn, Radio Flyer

Tow Bars and Tow Ropes

Tow bar

Tow bars and tow ropes enable you to tow your child’s bike behind yours. This is a fantastic option for kids who want to ride their own bike but may need assistance on longer rides.

How Tow Bars Work

A tow bar attaches to both bikes, allowing you to tow your child when needed. It’s easy to detach when they want to ride independently.

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Choosing the Right Tow Bar

Consider the compatibility with your bikes and the ease of attachment and detachment.

Quality Tow Ropes Brands: Trail-Gator, Shotgun, TowWhee. Check tow ropes on Amazon

Quality Tow Bars Brands: Trail-Gator


Trail a bike

Trail-a-bikes are single-wheel attachments with pedals that attach to your bike’s seat post. They provide your child with their own set of handlebars and the ability to pedal.

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Benefits of Trail-a-Bikes

  • Great for kids transitioning from bike seats
  • Teaches them bike control
  • Engaging and interactive riding experience

Leading Trail-a-Bike Manufacturers: Adams, WeeRide, Burley

Bike Seats for Older Children

Thule Yepp Maxi bike seat for kids

As your child grows, they may outgrow traditional child bike seats. Look for rear-mounted seats designed for larger children. These seats attach to the seat post or rack.

When to Upgrade

Upgrade to a larger seat when your child exceeds the weight or size limits of their current seat.

Top Picks for Older Kid Bike Seats: Thule Yepp Maxi, Topeak BabySeat II, Co-Rider

Handlebar Accessories

Enhance your child’s biking experience with handlebar accessories. Baskets and child-sized handlebars can provide a safe and enjoyable grip for your little one.

Handlebar Baskets

Baskets are a fun addition, allowing your child to bring along their favorite toy or snack for the ride.

Kid-Friendly Handlebars

Some bikes come with kid-sized handlebars designed for smaller hands, providing better control and comfort.

Safety Tips

Ensuring the safety of your child while biking is paramount. Make sure your child wears a properly fitting helmet and is securely strapped in, especially in seats and trailers.

Helmet Safety

Invest in a quality helmet designed for kids, and always ensure it fits snugly.

Harness and Straps

Check and double-check harnesses and straps to ensure your child is securely fastened during the ride.

Getting Started

Before you embark on a biking adventure with your child, consider bike compatibility and installation.

Bike Compatibility

Check if your bike is compatible with the chosen attachment. Some require specific types of frames or racks.

Installation Tips

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure a secure fit. Seek professional help if needed.

Riding with Kids

Communication and riding at the right speed are key to a successful biking experience with your child.


Establish clear signals or cues to communicate with your child during the ride. Teach them to communicate their needs as well.

Staying at the Right Speed

Maintain a comfortable and safe speed that allows you to react to any sudden changes or obstacles.

Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance ensures the longevity of your bike attachment and your child’s safety.

Cleaning and Storage

Clean the attachment regularly, especially after rides in adverse weather conditions. Store it in a dry, cool place.

Regular Inspections

Inspect the attachment and your child’s bike before every ride to ensure everything is in working order.

Growing with Biking

Encourage your child to grow with biking by gradually transitioning them to their own bike and building their confidence.

Transitioning to Their Bike

When your child is ready, transition them to their own bike with training wheels or a balance bike.

Building Confidence

Plan short rides in safe areas to help your child build confidence and master bike handling skills.

Community and Support

Joining kid-friendly biking communities and accessing online resources can be invaluable for both you and your child.

Joining Kid-Friendly Rides

Look for local biking groups or events that cater to families and kids.

Online Resources

Explore online forums, blogs, and videos for tips, tricks, and advice from other biking parents on bike attachment for kids.


Embarking on biking adventures with your kids is a rewarding experience that creates lasting memories. By choosing the right bike attachment for kids and according to your child’s age and needs, ensuring their safety, and gradually building their confidence, you can introduce them to the wonderful world of cycling. So, gear up, hop on your bikes, and enjoy the thrill of biking together!


1. Are child bike seats safe for infants?

Child bike seats are generally not recommended for infants younger than one year. Consult your pediatrician for specific guidelines.

2. What’s the best age to introduce a balance bike to a child?

Most children can start using a balance bike around 18 months to 2 years of age.

3. Can I use a tag-along bike with any adult bike?

Tag-along bikes usually require a specific attachment point on the adult bike, so compatibility is essential.

4. Do I need a special tow bar for towing my child’s bike?

Yes, tow bars are designed to safely tow a child’s bike behind an adult bike and ensure stability.

5. How can I make sure my child enjoys biking and stays engaged?

Keep the rides fun and interactive, encourage exploration, and choose routes that interest your child, such as nature trails or parks.

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