From Wobble to Wheelie: Conquering the World of BMX with BMX Kids Bike

Remember the exhilarating rush of wind whipping past your face, the sun glinting off your handlebars, and the world a blur of two wheels? That’s the magic of BMX, and it’s waiting for your little shredder to experience it! But before they conquer gravity-defying wheelies, they need the perfect BMX kids bike. So, let’s ditch the wobbles and embrace the journey from wobbly beginner to confident rider with the 5 best BMX kids bikes and some essential skills to get them rolling!

Finding Balance: The First Steps to Two-Wheeled Freedom

Imagine your child’s bike as a trusty steed, and they, the fearless rider. To conquer the balance beast, start by lowering the seat so their feet comfortably touch the ground. This builds confidence and allows them to find their center of gravity, like a tightrope walker discovering their sweet spot. Then, it’s time for gliding! Encourage them to practice lifting their feet one at a time, gradually extending the distances as their balance improves. Remember, practice makes perfect, and those early wobbles are just stepping stones to future glory!

Pedal Power: Fueling the Ride with Smooth Strokes

Now that your mini-shredder has mastered balance, it’s time to harness the power of their legs. Imagine them as tireless engines, churning butter-smooth circles on the pedals. Start with their dominant foot on the pedal at its lowest point, then push down and bring the other leg over to the opposite pedal. Soon, pedaling will become second nature, propelling them forward with newfound confidence.

Braking with Confidence: The Essential Skill for Safe Shredding

Stopping safely isn’t just about looking cool; it’s about keeping your child safe and confident on their BMX journey. Most bikes have hand brakes on the handlebars, their trusty anchors for speed. Encourage them to squeeze the levers gently, like applying pressure to the reins, practicing braking on flat ground and downhill to build control and feel for the perfect stop. Remember, safety first, always!

Wheelie Wonders: Defying Gravity with Style

Ready to impress the playground? Mastering the wheelie is a rite of passage for any BMX rider, and your child can do it too! Imagine them standing tall, then shifting their weight back like a superhero preparing for flight. Start with their dominant foot on the pedal and the other slightly behind the seat. As they pedal forward, they’ll pull up on the handlebars, giving their bike a little lift. Finding the balance point is key, like a teeter-totter in the air. Once they’ve got it, they’re wheelie-ing! Practice in safe, grassy areas, and remember, safety first, always!

Bonus Tricks: Expanding the Skillset and Thrill Factor

Once your child has nailed the basics, the world of BMX opens up like a treasure chest of tricks! Bunny hops, where they lift both wheels off the ground for a mini-earthquake on two wheels, are next. Then, they can conquer smooth cornering with body weight shifts and handlebar control, like seasoned navigators. For the truly adventurous, basic grinds on curbs or boxes add a touch of freestyle flair to their ride.

5 Best BMX Kids Bikes for Every Shredder

1. Mongoose Legion

This lightweight, durable bike with option of 16 to 20 inch wheels is perfect for younger riders (4-12 years old) starting their BMX journey. It comes with single-speed gearing and coaster brakes for easy control.

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2. RoyalBaby Freestyle

RoyalBaby Freestyle bike

For kids aged 4-9, the Freestyle offers a single speed drivetrain and hand brakes for more advanced riding. Its sturdy frame and responsive handling make it ideal for learning tricks and exploring trails.

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3. JOYSTAR Totem

Joystar Totem

This high-performance bike with 12-to-18-inch wheels is designed for older kids (4 to 9+) who are serious about BMX. Its lightweight frame, single speed drivetrain, and coaster brakes make it perfect for freestyle riding.

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4. Revere BMX

Revere 16 bmx kids bike

This versatile bike with 16 inch wheels is ideal for kids (4 – 7+) who want to explore all aspects of BMX. It comes with a single speed drivetrain, lower centre of gravity, and chainguard for freestyle riding.

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5. Schwinn Sting PRO

Schwinn Sting Pro bmx kids bike

For the truly adventurous, the Sting PRO offers a BMX experience like no other. Its 24 inch wheels and retro frame make it perfect for exploring streets, trails, and even dirt jumps! This versatile bike is ideal for older kids (12+) who want to push the boundaries of BMX and experience the thrill of different terrains.

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Remember, choosing the right bike depends on your child’s age, height, skill level, and riding preferences. So, take your little shredder to a local bike shop and let them test out different options to find their perfect match!

Safety Gear: The Unsung Heroes of Every Ride

While conquering tricks and exploring new trails are exciting, it’s crucial to remember that safety always comes first. Just like a knight dons their armor, equip your child with the essential safety gear to make their BMX journey even more enjoyable. A helmet is non-negotiable, the ultimate protector for their brain. Consider padding up elbows, knees, and shins to cushion bumps and scrapes, and wrist guards can provide extra protection for falls. Remember, safety gear is your child’s shield on their BMX adventure, giving them the confidence to ride freely and explore their limits.

The Journey Begins: From Wobble to Wheelie and Beyond

Mastering BMX isn’t just about learning tricks or conquering gravity; it’s a journey of self-discovery, confidence building, and pure joy. As your child progresses from wobbly beginnings to smooth wheelies and beyond, they’ll discover a community of passionate riders who share their love for two wheels. Encourage them to find a riding buddy, explore new trails and parks, and participate in local events. Celebrate their successes, big and small, and focus on the joy of riding rather than perfection.

Remember, the journey from wobble to wheelie is just the beginning. So, grab your helmets, gear up, and get ready to shred together! The world of BMX awaits, brimming with endless possibilities for your little adventurer.


1. What is the best age to start learning BMX?

There’s no magic age! As soon as your child can comfortably sit on a bike and wear a helmet, they’re ready to explore the world of BMX. Start with smaller wheels BMX kids bike (12″ or 16″) for younger riders and gradually progress to larger sizes as they grow.

2. What are some fun BMX tricks for beginners?

Once they’ve mastered the basics, try bunny hops, 180° turns, and trackstands. As they progress, they can learn wheelies, grinds, and basic jumps. Remember, safety first, and start with smaller tricks before attempting anything too ambitious.

3. How can I encourage my child to keep practicing BMX?

Make it fun! Find a riding buddy, explore new trails and parks, and participate in local events. Celebrate their successes, big and small, and focus on the joy of riding rather than perfection. Remember, BMX is a journey, not a destination.

4. Where can my child learn BMX skills?

Many local parks have designated BMX areas with ramps and jumps. You can also find indoor BMX tracks and skateparks that offer lessons and programs for all skill levels. Consider joining a BMX club or community to connect with other riders and learn from experienced mentors.

5. What is the most important safety tip for BMX riding?

Always wear a helmet! It’s the single most effective way to protect your child’s head in case of a fall.

Remember, the world of BMX is waiting for your little shredder! With the right guidance, gear, and encouragement, they can conquer any challenge and experience the pure joy of riding. So, get out there, shred together, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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