The 8 Best Bike Trailers for Kids: A Comprehensive Review and Guide

Biking is not just a means of transportation; it’s a way of life, and as a parent, you want to share that joy with your little ones. Bike trailers offer a fantastic way to include your children in your outdoor adventures while ensuring their safety and comfort. In this article, we’ll delve into the top bike trailers for kids, providing insights, recommendations, and reasons for our choices. So, let’s strap on our helmets and embark on this exciting journey of exploring the best bike trailers for kids.

Introduction to Bike Trailers for Kids

Bike trailers for kids are more than just accessories; they are gateways to family adventures and memories. These trailers are designed to safely and comfortably transport your children while you pedal away. With various options available, it’s essential to choose a trailer that suits your family’s needs and preferences. In this review, we’ve curated a list of the best bike trailers for kids, highlighting their features, benefits, and why they stand out from the rest.

1. Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer: A Lightweight Transport Solution

Allen Sports Deluxe trailer

The Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer takes the lead as a reliable and lightweight bike trailer. Constructed with durable quick-release 16-inch steel wheels, this trailer can safely accommodate up to two children, with a maximum payload of 100 pounds. Its spacious design features large front and side windows, creating a bright and airy cabin for your little riders. The foot guard tube and padded 5-point safety harness provide comfort and security, while the folding design with quick-release wheels ensures convenient transport and storage. The universal coupler easily attaches to your bike’s rear axle, making installation a breeze.

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2. InStep Take 2 Bike Trailer: Timeless Style and Safety

Instep Take 2 Trailer

The InStep Take 2 Bike Trailer boasts 16-inch pneumatic tires with molded rims, offering both performance and safety. This double tow-behind trailer comes with a five-point harness and safety flag to ensure your riders are protected. Its folding-frame design and quick-release wheel allow for easy assembly, storage, and transport. Designed to shield your child from the elements, the 2-in-1 canopy features a bug screen and weather shield with a rear vent window. With a maximum weight limit of 80 pounds, this trailer provides ample space for two children and additional storage.

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3. InStep Quick-N-EZ Double Tow Behind Bike Trailer: Comfort and Versatility

Instep Quick N Easy Trailer

The InStep Quick-N-EZ Double Tow Behind Bike Trailer offers the flexibility of stroller and tow-behind modes. It features 16-inch pneumatic tires with molded rims for a smooth ride and a five-point harness to ensure your riders’ safety. The folding-frame design and quick-release wheel enable easy assembly, storage, and transport. The 2-in-1 canopy includes a bug screen and weather shield for added comfort. The swiveling front wheel and handlebar allow for easy maneuvering in tight spaces. With its comfortable seating, safety features, and convenient design, this trailer is perfect for family outings.

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4. Burley Bee Kid Bike Trailer: Nimble and Dependable

Burley Bee bike trailers for kids

The Burley Bee Kid Bike Trailer stands out with its compact fold and 20″ push-button wheels, offering easy storage and transportation. Its hammock-style seat provides passive suspension for rider comfort, and the full internal aluminum roll cage ensures protection in case of an accident. This trailer features a large rear cargo space, making it perfect for your adventure essentials. The tinted side windows protect your child from the elements, and the water-resistant cover and seat fabric ensure durability.

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5. Schwinn Joyrider Double Bike Trailer: Everywhere You Want to Go

Schwinn Joyrider kids bike trailer

The Schwinn Joyrider Double Bike Trailer offers a safe and lightweight ride with its aluminum/steel frame construction. The 2-in-1 canopy includes a bug screen and weather shield, protecting your passengers from various conditions. The trailer’s collapsible folding frame is convenient for storage and transport. With a universal coupler, it’s easy to attach the trailer to most bicycles. Its cozy padded interior comfortably accommodates two children, while the adjustable handlebars and safety harness ensure a secure and comfortable ride.

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6. Burley D’Lite X Kid Bike Trailer and Stroller: Ultimate Comfort and Adaptability

Burley DLite X bike trailers for kids

The Burley D’Lite X Kid Bike Trailer and Stroller provide a luxurious experience for your little passengers. With adjustable suspension and reclining seats, this trailer ensures a smooth and comfortable ride in all conditions. The premium seat pads with headrests offer added comfort, and the extra shoulder and elbow room make for a spacious interior. Its compatibility with various kits allows you to transition between biking, strolling, jogging, and even skiing adventures.

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7. Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer and Stroller: Four Seasons of Fun

Thule Chariot bike trailers for kids

The Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer and Stroller offer an all-in-one solution for active families. With strolling and biking kits included (jogging and ski kits sold separately), this versatile trailer is designed for year-round adventures. The adjustable suspension, reclining seats, and ventilation vents ensure a comfortable ride. Its compact fold, adjustable handlebars, and high-visibility safety features make it a reliable choice for families on the go.

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8. Retrospec Rover Kids Bicycle Trailer: Safety and Portability Combined

Retrospec Rover kids trailer

The Retrospec Rover Kids Bicycle Trailer prioritizes safety and convenience. With a 5-point safety harness, safety reflectors, and a high-visibility safety flag, this trailer ensures your child’s security on the road. Its compact and collapsible design makes it easy to transport, while the weather-resistant fabric and shields protect your child from the elements. The deep rear storage compartment provides ample space for your adventure essentials.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bike Trailer for Kids

When selecting a bike trailer for your kids, several factors come into play. Consider the number of passengers, weight capacity, safety features, comfort, ease of use, and adaptability to different activities. Additionally, pay attention to the trailer’s size, storage options, and compatibility with your bicycle. By evaluating these aspects, you can choose a trailer that suits your family’s needs and ensures enjoyable outdoor experiences.


Investing in a quality bike trailer can elevate your family biking experiences. From safety features to comfort and convenience, the options mentioned above cater to various preferences. Whether you choose the rugged Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer or the versatile Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer and Stroller, each trailer offers unique benefits for your biking adventures. Remember, the right trailer can turn your outdoor excursions into cherished memories, providing a safe and enjoyable ride for your precious passengers.

FAQ’s on Bike Trailers for Kids

1. What age range is suitable for these bike trailers?

These trailers are generally designed to accommodate children aged 1 to 5 years, depending on the weight and size specifications of each model.

2. Can these trailers be used for jogging and skiing as well?

Yes, some models, like the Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer, offer conversion kits for jogging and skiing activities, making them versatile options for all seasons.

3. Are these trailers easy to attach to bikes?

Yes, most trailers come with universal couplers that attach easily to most bicycle types. However, it’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation.

4. How important is visibility and safety in a bike trailer?

Visibility and safety are paramount when considering a bike trailer. Features like safety flags, reflectors, and bright colors enhance visibility, while features like a 5-point harness and durable construction ensure your child’s safety during the ride.

5. Are these trailers suitable for long rides?

Yes, many of these trailers are designed for longer rides. Look for models with features like comfortable seating, adjustable suspension, and weather protection to ensure a comfortable journey for your child.

Remember, your choice of a bike trailer should align with your family’s lifestyle, needs, and preferences. Prioritize safety, comfort, and adaptability to ensure enjoyable outdoor experiences for you and your children.

The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines before using any bike trailer.

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